Hello dear student!

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Hello and Welcome dear comrade to iAmStudent.net! This website is an online place for us to share our experiences, introduce new projects and keep memories forever alive! Whether this website will be helpful or not, is yet to be found out but we hope that we can all try and do our best so iAmStudent.net will also be a memorable place to look back to our, hopefully remarkable, student time. If you decide to give this project a shot, then register yourself right now (the registration information will be used for our ‘ESCP Booklet 2020‘)! If you are interested to find out more about how to share your own experiences and write articles for this website, please keep reading. It’s super simple! 😀

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Why does this website exist?

Originally, this website was supposed to function as a News-Feed specifically created for students. Unfortunately, the website was inactive for a couple of months. After we decided to create an ‘overview booklet’ for us students at ESCP, we came back to the idea of seeking support by this website. This way, it’s easier to gather information about everybody to create a booklet later on! It was only a matter of time to be recreated with new and original content and became our collective project!

What content can I expect from this website?

  • Millenials: Here will be displayed any news that are worth sharing, either about our ESCP-community or global happenings. On top of that, we will post stories from students who have made a remarkable experience in their lives.
  • Classroom: When is the next deadline? What should I study for history? This section is destined to solve these questions to help you receive the grades you want.
  • Collective Project: Create your own online space to present your collective project for CV- or other purposes.
  • Student Hack: Life Hacks but only for students. How to get an internship in the UK? What can I do in London? Stay tuned, and you can expect a lot of valuable content.
  • Q&A: Ask a question, get an answer: As simple as that!

If you have suggestions or ideas how to make this website more attractive, feel free to contact one of us on facebook: Blanche Bachmann, Laurent Hoegl-Roy, Bhanavi Sharma, Patricia Madej and Jonas Scheck

How can I write a post or article on this website?

This website will be YOUR online space during our student time to let loose our emotions. Therefore, you are always more than welcome to write a post/article for iAmStudent.net. Simply write an email to one of us. If you would like to have someone to proofread your text or re-structure your content, that is no problem.

Enjoy it!

The Student

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