Do you suffer under ‘Likeophobia’? A simple guide to build up courage

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The moment of truth comes when you post on social media: Everything feels right and you hope that you will get many likes and shares. Normally, you get around 5 – 10 likes per post. On the one hand, if you get more likes you feel like some sort of adrenaline is pumping through your veins. On the other hand, if no-one responds to your post you feel tragic. A burden is put onto you, the burden is called social acceptance.

“You post a few images of yourself on the beach, and suddenly dozens of your friends have liked or shared them. However, in time, we can become caught in a vicious cycle of continuously needing positive feedback on our posts. If the likes and shares are missing – a part of us feels missing too.” – lifehack

Most people are like slaves, drawn to their phone and getting psychological ‘approval-goodies’ whenever their phone flashes or rings for a second. If you are not like most people then don’t make the mistake of entering this vicious circle and maybe talk to your friends who you think are in need.


If you suffer under ‘Likeophobia’ then there is only one solution: you have to build up more self-esteem. The best thing would be to put your phone away for a couple of days and walk into a bar. Talk to a good-looking stranger from the other sex. Honestly, that’s the easiest and fastest way to build up self-esteem but there are other ways like becoming a person of principles. Basically, principles are in every humans being and everybody has their own individual principles. The problem is that some have more courage (or self-esteem) to live them out. If you are into politics then discuss your opinion openly with other people. Get to know their position while defending yours. Maybe you are into dancing? Dance publically and you will set your level of self-esteem on a whole new level.

Everybody has their own life so don’t waste yours on waiting for online approval. Hit us up in the comment section down below if you need any help and don’t forget to sympathize with our social media presence.

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